Inverclydes Music and Video Project Studio

Logic Pro Final Cut Pro  Practice Room  Vocal Booth  Pro Sound 

Welcome to our website.  ' Practical Mechanics ' Is Inverclyde's music project studio. We're here to stay because we are more about music than business.

Oh, by the way.. I'm Jak, JAK THE SAD ' . I make music here. I'll be your host, producer, session man and engineer.

At Prac Mac it's all nice and simple. We know many of you can probably get a track down on your own computer but is that package really something your proud of?

That final polished production is hard to acheive ain't it?  We have the time, the gear and the experience to help you get a great sounding and great looking package at prices that reflect our low overheads. Nice and relaxed. We'll work out a deal for your project and ensure that time is given to making it great without busting the bank. Or if you want an hourly rate, We'll amaze you. I promise.

An embryo band? A music student with not enough studio time at college? A bedroom singer who wants to get your grooves down? We can help.

Gigging bands who want to get some tracks down for yourself, to submit for potential venues or even to sell to fans and groupies can get the superstar treatment without needing a record deal budget.

Folk Clubs, Blues Clubs, Am. Drams. Get in touch, we can work together.

Conveniently situated in Greenock's West End close to Greenock West Train Station, close to the main road through town and with easy free parking, we provide a hassle free experience and a great vibe for getting the best out of you and your music.

All you Glasgow Muso's... Get out of town for a few days. You can get parked here AND breath.

All you BIG CITY MEDIA types. Heres a seaside provincial studio with FINAL CUT PRO.. Have a holiday. We'll do you B and B and you can have peace and quiet to get that project out of the way. No parking worries, in fact no worries at all just seagulls and Esplanades and fine Scottish weather to stay in because of.

Take a trip round this site... The links in the side bar will take you to the details and the science bit and even to some of the music we've made here. If your interested in music we're interested in you and look forward to seeing you around.

Click The PICTURE below to have a look around the Studio.

If your interested this is what Honeywell Computers thought,in 1954, that a home computer would look like in the future