OK so why come to a studio when you can make a track yourself? After all it doesn't have to be perfect and you can get a tune down on your own computer. Right? Well it's just not that simple.

For a start your computer doesn't know what a tune is; or a sound for that matter. Sure you can get a download that lets you make tunes but it's a toy, designed more to get your personal data than to make serious music. Truth is you need proper gear for this job and you need to know how to use it. So get a few grand together and invest a few years of practice and self denial and you too can make the sort of sounds we produce at..


Another thing is that the wee tune you made up and recorded was great to begin with but the more your pals smirk the more you realize that you are making excuses for it and expecting your audience to do the same. They don't ! The solution is to come see your Uncle Jak at   PRAC MAC..

So what gear have we got ? "The very best my son..."

You need a computer.. Get a decent one say a G5

To the uninitiated that's an Apple MacIntosh Dual 2 GHz Power PC with a shed-load of additional memory. It's big, bad works really well and supports the finest music and video creating software.

Speaking of which... you might consider Logic Pro and Final Cut Pro..

The very finest... Pro Tools might be the industry standard but the dedicated Mac software is the Rolls Royce. Logic Pro is the most intuitive and comprehensive music production software on Earth. We have invested heavily in the entire bundle of Loop Loft drum sounds and with the big Apple Loops Collection we can lay hands on thousands of spectacular acoustic samples as well as the very best midi sounds going.  

Similarly... Final Cut Pro is way and by far the best High Definition Video editing software there is. Any Editor with a project who could use a break at the Seaside and relief from big city editing suite fees really should look us up. Hell! We'll throw in Bed and Breakfast. You local bands too.. YES we can make you a VID. Now what a promo! We'll shoot you here or on location. Again we won't get into N.A.S.A. budgets.

Your Computer doesn't understand music nor can it make any sense of analogue sound. You need to convert your music to digital and then you need to convert it back to analogue cause that's what your ears understand. AND you need to do this near instantaneously.

We chose the M.O.T.U. 896 HD... None of your rubbish, a fine bit of kit this. It gets all your sounds in talks to the computer like an old pal and outputs crystal clear Hi Def to your Monitors.... Now these are my Babies.

Mackie HR 624 High Resolution Active Studio Monitors  Aaah... If you absolutely, definitely need to hear every mo-fo,n sound in the room; accept no substitute. Goddamnit! We could charge you just to listen to your favourite album on these. 

Now You need something to "play on" How about an M Audio Keystation Pro 88

That's an 88 Key Piano weighted midi workstation. This inputs all your  non-acoustic musical information. In otherwords you can play anything from a Cello to a Middle Eastern Ourd on an instrument that feels just like a Piano. Oh by the way it's a really good Piano too.

You need to see what's going on. When it comes to Monitor Screens two are better than one.


19 inch A.G neovo F- 419s Will give us a clear picture of what we are doing and all the screens we need to get your song movin along. 

We need to get your sounds into the system. Instruments are often D.I. d (Direct Input or injection) but not always and anyway we cant plug your mouth in. So we need some microphones. The Rode K2 is a great Studio Condenser Mic.

 As is the A.K.G. C1000

Throw in the obligatory SM 58s and 57s